Miami Shores grow house busted leaving neighbors shocked

MIAMI SHORES, Fla. (WSVN) — Police raided a Miami Shores home and discovered a hydroponics lab inside, Thursday.

The Miami Shores neighborhood is typically quiet, but that wasn’t the case Thursday morning. Nearly a dozen police cars were in the area to investigate a home, they said, disguised a drug operation. 

The neighborhood is known for its tree-lined streets and beautiful homes. "I woke up to this whole area roped off with yellow tape," said Miami Shores resident Osmond Austin. 

Miami Shores Police and Miami-Dade Police shut down Northeast 104th Street during the investigation, Thursday morning. "There were like 20 cars out here, so I thought maybe there was a wreck or something," said Miami Shores resident Larry Costner.  

As undercover officers went in and out of the house, they said they found a hydroponics lab. "What I’m surprised about was that there was that kind of activity," said Harry Shultz, who lives nearby. "I worked undercover for years, and I was aware of that kind of operation and the traffic from there wasn’t overly unusual."

None of the neighbors said they saw anything odd, just a nice couple with a dog. However, officials were seen exiting the home with a large, black plastic bag, which, according to police, was filled with drugs.

Police refused to say how they got tipped off. "Been there for a good five, six years," Costner said. "Hardly ever saw him, but he was a very nice guy."

Many area residents were surprised to hear the news. "They’re stealthy, man. That’s how they do it," said one neighbor. "The only way they get caught is by the electric, that they use too much power of them lights." 

Miami Shores and Miami-Dade Police continue to investigate. One man was seen being taken into custody.