Miami pots and pans tradition explained

MIAMI (WSVN) — The Miami Heat will be taking on the San Antonio Spurs for a winner-takes-all in game seven on Thursday night, and some Heat fans already know which pots and pans they will be banging on if their team is named champions for a second time in a row.

Pots and pans. It’s a form of celebration that, in the U.S., is unique to Miami.

In Southwest Miami-Dade, Bird Road and 87th Avenue becomes ground zero when the home team scores big. “This is the best corner there is in South Florida!” said Heat fan Olga Mayoral.

But Hialeans would disagree, saying West 12th Avenue and 103rd Street is the place to be.

Giomary Ferretti from Hialeah said, “They just go crazy!”

So what’s with all the pots and pans? Well, it depends on who you ask.

Elys Diaz from Dominican Republic said, “I’m from the Dominican Republic. When a baseball team wins, we celebrate with pots and pans.”

So, it’s not just a basketball thing. In fact, it’s not just a sports thing or a celebratory thing for that matter. John Villiers from Cuba explained, “This comes from political situation. To make the people react to the regime.”

It seems like it’s just about being heard, and what better way than through percussion. Producer and percussionist Emilio Estefan said, “Percussion is important. That’s why we celebrate with the pan playing. That’s how we do it here in Miami.”

Emilio and the Miami Heat Rhythm Section work the crowd at Heat games so, the beating of the drum is nothing new.

Beatrice Vera from the Allegro Music Center said, “It comes from the indigenous. You don’t always have a tambor or bongo. You just grab your casuela!”

No pan? No problem. A cheese grater and a spoon will also do the trick.

Sedano’s Supermarket employee Manuel Alvarez can help you navigate the pot and pan selection process like a percussion pro. “The smaller the pot, the bigger…bang bang!” said, Alvarez.

And don’t forget the extras like, “A mallet. A mallet will give you … ding, ding, ding,” said a Heat fan. “It’s just fun fun. It’s a tradition for the Miami Heat,” added another fan.

So when the Heat win big, “We gotta pull out the kitchen and klakakaklakakakla!” said Radio Host DJ Laz.

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