Miami International Film Festival

WSVN — The curtain is opening on the Miami International Film Festival, and this year the festival is celebrating a huge anniversary. Jaie Laplante, Executive Director, MIFF: "This is the 30th anniversary of the MIFF. It started in 1984 and we are so excited about our big milestone year."The annual film fest is screening 129 films from 41 different countries and they've got something for every taste. Jaie Laplante, Executive Director, MIFF: "Really a chance for people of Miami to see the cream of the crop when it comes to international cinema. Films for family we've got a mayhem section for horror fans, we've got a vision section that's experimental cinema. We have three films that were shot here in Miami."And if you want to learn more about the behind-the-scenes movie "Magic," there are nine master classes where you get to actually sit down with film makers.  Like director Billy Corben of Cocaine Cowboys.Billy Corben-Cocaine Cowboys: "Cocaine Cowboys was a documentary about Miami in the late 1970's- 80's explosion of cocaine trafficking the explosion of money of narco dollars. Because we are so many years from the movie's original release, we can tell a lot of stories and give a lot of insight that perhaps we weren't able to ever talk about before in the past."If you're a foodie, you'll want to snag tickets to a new event for the festival "Lee Brian Schrager's Culinary Cinema"Lee Brian Schrager-Culinary Cinema: "Wine, food, film all go together."You can screen three foodie films along with a brunch at Juvia with the chefs from one of the movies. Lee Brian Schrager-Culinary Cinema: "Sunday March 3rd, we are showing this amazing French Brazilian film called "Why Did You Leave" Before the screening we're gonna do a brunch right here at Juvia. All three of the chefs from Brazil are coming in and they will be cooking here along with the chef here from Juvia."30 may be the new 20 but for this festival, getting older just means getting better. Most film tickets are $12 and the films are playing all over Miami-Dade. The festival runs through March 10th.FOR MORE INFORMATION: Miami International Film Festivalplease or call 305-405-MIFF (6433).