MIAMI (WSVN) — Students at Holmes Elementary school got a lesson in gun safety, Tuesday.

In an effort to save lives, teachers educated students about firearms with the help of the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety program, which was established by the NRA.

"Stop, Don’t Touch, Leave The Area, And Tell  An Adult," is the Eddie Eagle Motto. The presentation came on the heels of a rash of gun violence where children and teenagers are often the victims.  

"How many of you have touched a gun and honestly, I want to see those hands," said a Miami-Dade schools officer to the children as several hands went up. The crowd was full of eight and nine-year-olds.

"Unfortunately, they’re exposed on some level, so it’s good to get it out in the open," said Dr. Yvonne Perry, principal at Holmes Elementary.

The violence hit close to home for some students. "There was two teenagers, they was fighting, and they shot him but he wasn’t in it," said 8-year-old student John Wooden. He was referring to 6-year-old King Carter, who was caught in a crossfire and killed in Northwest Miami-Dade in his apartment complex as he walked across the parking lot to buy candy.

King’s aunt, a fourth grade teacher at Holmes Elementary welcomed the program. "In the city of Miami, gun violence is growing. This is the age we can mold them, this is the age we can teach them," said Miami-Dade schools officer Sofie Shakir.

The children were excited about the program and answered questions after it was done. "Never play with one," said one student.

"We’re really hoping that a program like this will help them feel safer, because they have knowledge. And knowledge is power," said Principal Perry.

The police officer finished the presentation by assuring the kids that there is no such thing as a snitch, following the "See something, say something" movement.

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