The Chef and Owner: Brett RedstoneThe Restaurant: Trattoria Il MiglioreThe Dish: Mediterranean Mussels


2 lbs. of mussels, preferably Mediterranean (Prince Edward Island mussels can be a substitute)salt, to tastepepper, to taste4 sprigs of saffron1/4 cup of tomato, roasted1/4 cup of clam juice clam juice1/2 cup of dry white wine2 oz. of chorizo, cooked2 Tbs of olive oil2 oz. of garlic2 oz. of shallots1 oz. of fresno peppers1 oz. of jalapeno peppers6 Tbs of sofrito (recipe follows below)3 Tbs of butter

Method of Preparation:

-In a pan, add mussels and season with salt, pepper and saffron. Also, toss in roasted tomatoes, clam juice and a dry white wine.

-Next, in a separate pan sauté chopped chorizo with olive oil, garlic, shallots, fresno peppers, jalapeno peppers and sofrito. Chef Brett makes his sofrito with onion, tomato, red pepper, jalapeno, cilantro, chicken stock, garlic and white wine – all roasted and blended together.

-Toss the chorizo mix with the mussels, cover the pan and let it cook for a few minutes. All the clams should open up.

-After the clams are open, add butter.

Ingredients for Sofrito:

1 lb. of onion, diced1 lb. of tomato, diced1 lb. of red pepper, diced3 jalapeno peppers, rough chop1/4 cup of cilantro1 cup of chicken stock3 whole garlic cloves1/4 cup of dry white wine

Method of Preparation:

-Cook over med-low heat for two hours. Then, let it cool down and blend it all together.

To Plate:

Serve the clams and the remaining juices. You can garnish with toasted bread.

Serving Suggestion: Beer


Trattoria Il Migliore2576 NE Miami Gardens DrMiami, FL 33180(305) 792-2902

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