WSVN — They were all facing death.

Frank: "Very seldom does someone come back from a massive heart attack at 87 years old."

Arlene: "He was as close to death as anyone I had ever seen."

Courtney: "I became completely septic and diseased in every way possible, and they didn't know how to stop it."

And when conventional medicine could not save them, they claim a doctor's prayer did.

Ted: "It gives me goose pimples to think about it."

Dr. Chauncey Crandall is a West Palm Beach cardiologist who practices with medicine and faith.

Dr. Crandall: "If you pray for patients, the supernatural comes in and these patients recover."

His patient Jeff Markin believes. Markin was pronounced dead after a massive heart attack. Everyone had given up except Dr Crandall.

Dr. Crandall: "All of a sudden these words came out, 'Father, I cry out for this man's soul, if he does not know you, raise him from the dead.'"

Jeff Markin: "And the next thing I know, I woke up. I want to get the right message across. Miracles do happen."

Miracles like Jeff's led Dr. Crandall to hire an in-office chaplain.

Jeremy McKeen: "I never thought I would be here, but it's just wonderful to see how God has placed me in these patients lives."

Jeremy McKeen and Dr. Crandall work as a team, and the medical miracles, big and small, keep coming.

Jeremy McKeen: "Since I came to work for Dr. Crandall, I have seen a miracle everyday."

Arlene believes her husband Ted is one of those miracles.

Ted developed a mysterious illness doctors couldn't diagnose, let alone cure.

Arlene: "The doctors, after about three days, asked me for a living will, if we had one."

Instead, she called Ted's heart doctor, Dr. Crandall, who sent Jeremy to pray at Ted's bedside.

Arlene: "Jeremy laid his hands on him, and he prayed very hard, and he asked God to raise Ted."

Four days later, Ted was so much better, the doctors said he could go home.

Ted: "It just proves prayer works."

Eighteen-year-old Courtney was suddenly struck with a rare disease that causes your organs to fail. She was told by doctors she probably wouldn't make it.

Courtney: "With this disease, the mortality rate is 90 percent. There is a point where you can't stop it."

Her family goes to the same church as Dr. Crandall, and they asked him to pray for her. Within days, one organ after another started working again, and eventually the disease would disappear.

Courtney: "Dr. Crandall prayed me through this. It was cool to watch all the miracles just from prayer."

But Dr. Crandall says it's not just patients who call him for help.

Dr. Crandall: "I heard the Lord speak to me, saying, 'If you don't go and take care of that man, he will die.'"

The doctor wasn't on call at the hospital the night his heart patient Frank was admitted with chest pain, but he says God told him to go anyway, and he soon found out why.

Dr. Crandall: "All of a sudden he crashed. His blood pressure went to 0, his vital signs dropped out."

Dr. Crandall believes medicine alone would not have saved his 87-year-old patient.

Dr. Crandall: "I was using conventional medicine, but I was crying out to the Lord, 'Spare this man, let him live.'"

Minutes later, Frank came back from a near-death experience. His heart showed no sign of trauma.

Frank: "I feel good now, as you can see."

Dr. Crandall: "We've seen so many miracles that we can't stop. The more we believe, the more we see, and the more miraculous the miracles are becoming."

It's enough to keep Dr. Crandall and Jeremy praying for more.

All they ask patients for is a little faith.

Dr.Crandall: "All I tell them is they need to have a little faith."

The office does not charge patients' for the chaplain service.

Dr. Crandall says he pays Jeremy out of his own pocket.


Dr. Chauncey Crandall600 University Blvd. suite # 200Jupiter, FL 33458

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