WSVN — Matthew Nataupsky was the kind of guy you meet once in a great while, the kind of guy people just love.

Hank Nataupsky: "He had a big heart. He would do anything for anybody, someone needed a place to stay, he would bring them into his apartment. I think that was part of his downfall. He was too nice."

On May 9, 2001, Matthew was out with his friend Paul Polasko on the Sun Cruz Casino Ship. Matthew loved to gamble and that night did well.

Hank Nataupsky: "I think he said he made like $1,000 that night or something. He had a good night, I remember him saying."

But when Matthew didn't answer his phone the next day Hank went to his apartment to check on his son and found the door unlocked.

Hank Nataupsky: "He was in his bedroom. He was laying over a futon bed in his bathrobe and blood on the walls."

BSO Sgt. Ken Kaminsky: "Matthew died as a result of blunt trauma to his body. It was a horrible scene."

Detectives say Matthew had been robbed inside his bedroom. In most cases, police can dig and find someone who was out to get the victim, but not Matthew.

Lesley Nataupsky: "He was very close to his family. He didn't cause problems. He wasn't a violent person, does not have a history whatsoever like that. He was a good person, a genuine person."

A genuine person whose death left a little girl without her daddy and a mother with a hole in her heart.

Lesley Nataupsky: "From then on, my life has not been the same."

Patrick Fraser: "Matthew's daughter was three when he was beaten to death. She probably won't remember him, as she grows up. His parents will obviously never forget their only son, and one more person cant put him out of his mind: the detective looking for the killer."

Sgt. Ken Kaminsky: "When you work a case that's open, it does stay in your mind year after year, day after day, month after month, and what you want to do is bring closure to that case."

Det. Kaminsky is still working on DNA evidence, still talking to people who may know something and still waiting for that one break every case needs.

Sgt. Ken Kaminsky: "Anyone in the community that may have information pertaining to the murder of Matthew Nautapsky to notify us, call us. They can call anonymously."

Lesley Nataupsky: "He didn't deserve this."

Matthew didn't deserve this, just like the killer doesn't deserve to ride around loving life every day, just like a mother and father don't deserve to suffer everyday.

Lesley Nataupsky: "Matt was our only child, and he brought joy to us and it's just not fair. Only parents who have gone through this can understand, you know, how you feel, so we're just hoping that they can find who did this."

People always wonder why bad things happen to good people. No one can change what happened to Matthew, but one person can make sure the piece of garbage who killed Matthew gets what he deserves. If you are the person who can help Broward Crimestoppers would appreciate your tip anonymous, if you like."


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