WSVN — Martin Amado: “On today’s Room for Improvement we are helping a homeowner update the look of her master bedroom. She wants to give it a fresh new look, so of course she contacted us here at Channel 7 to help her achieve that. Let’s go meet her.”

Martin Amado: “OK, Marie, so this is a great space and I do love the furniture, but tell me what the issues are that you’re not happy with.”

Marie: “So this was a total redo. So I painted, I’ve done the ceiling, the walls, got new carpeting on the floor, had some furniture refinished, and now I’m stuck.”

Martin Amado: “That’s why I’m here.”

Marie: “Yay!”

Martin Amado: “Awesome. So give me a little bit of a hint in terms of what you like. In terms of your favorite color, for example.”

Marie: “So my favorite color is red. I love black and white along with the red.”

Martin Amado: “All right, so you know how this works. Basically you can go to work and I’m going to get to work, and of course we are going to surprise you at the end.”

Marie: “Fabulous!”

Martin Amado: “So we have this beautiful four-poster bed and in the very center, as a focal point, we have this hideous ceiling fan. It doesn’t work. Lets change it.”

“Martin Amado: “Adios!”

Martin Amado: “This chandelier is going to look beautiful and really accent the four-poster bed. I can’t wait to see it up.”

Martin Amado: “Now comes the moment of truth. Let’s hope it works … and it does.”

Martin Amado: “By placing curtain panels behind the bed we create a more beautiful focal point, and that’s exactly what a master suite should feel like.”

Martin Amado: “All right, so what’s truly going to make this bed super luxurious are the different sized pillows. We begin first with the Euro shams, followed by the pillow and the decorative sham. And we finish it off with the decorative toss pillows.”

Martin Amado: “Love these lamps. They’re the perfect scale.”

Martin Amado: “We gave Marie the red accent color she wanted.”

Martin Amado: “Marie had already started to update her room when we first met, but she was at a loss when it came to the finishing touches. Keeping her favorite color scheme in mind, we now gave her a modern and classic style that turns this space into a relaxing a peaceful retreat.”

Martin Amado: “So here we go. One, one and a half, two, and three. Go ahead and open your eyes.”

Marie: “Wow, you have yet again outdone yourself. This is amazing, better than I ever imagined. You’re awesome.”

Martin Amado: “Say it one more time.”

Marie: “You’re awesome.”

Martin Amado: “OK, Marie, so you’re satisfied?”

Marie: “Absolutely.”

Martin Amado: “Thank you for letting us do this for you. To all you guys at home, we thank you for watching and we’ll see you next time on another Room for Improvement.”

Looking for a makeover at a minimal cost? You can reach Martin by calling him at 305-576-HOME or 954-962-HOME, or you can e-mail him at

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