WSVN — It’s summer and that means time for a little relaxation. If you’re craving a massage, you don’t have to go far to get a magical experience. Belkys Nerey shares some massage trends that will whisk you away in tonight’s Style File.

Lapis Spa at Fontainebleau is offering up four new unique spa treatments inspired by ancient Indian traditions.

Gabrielle Chambers: “These Ayurveda treatments are really a once in a lifetime experience.”

For $155, massage therapists trained by an Indian guru create the massage experience of a lifetime.

Gabrielle Chambers: “Everything is done in a ritualistic way so that you have the perfect effect.”

One of the most unique treatments, the Shirodhara, starts with warm herbal oils gently poured over your scalp.

Melyssa Rodriguez: “The oil was amazing. It felt like a warm blanket over my head. Definitely relieves tension.”

Once your mind is free, the 50-minute massage continues with your arms, your legs and then your feet are treated with a balancing bowl.

Gabrielle Chambers: “It helps to balance the energy in the body.”

The five-star treatment incorporates exfoliation into your massage, literally removing stress from the body.

Stefanie Silverman: “It kind of picks you up a little bit and makes you feel alive and relaxed at the same time. It’s almost spiritual. It’s extremely relaxing, you know, with every step.”

Love a good massage but dread getting to and from the appointment?

Susan Estipcianos: “After you’re so nice and relaxed and sipping champagne, you have to leave the spa, you have to pay the valet guy, fight traffic, so it defeats the purpose of feeling relaxed.”

Zeel is making massages fit into any schedule.

Moira Deane: “The therapists come to the client.”

Request a service through the Zeel app and within an hour, your massage comes to you for $117 or commit to one massage a month and get your massage for $99 plus a free massage table you keep at your home.

Moira Deane: “You’ve had a long day at work and you come home and you want a massage last minute.”

You pick the type of massage you want, the duration and whether you want a male or female therapist.

Susan Estipcianos: “The massage therapist showed up at my house, easy breezy, set up the table, we lit the candles, put some soothing music on.”

The perfect spa experience customized by you.

Susan Estipcianos: “I felt like I had a spa in my own home! How cool is that?!”


4441 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33140
Spa Reservations: 1.866.750.4772


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