Marquel McCormes

WSVN — Like most young men, Marquel McCormes was a big sports fan.

Bernard McCormes: "He was a Heat fan. He loved LeBron James."

And there was nothing more that Marquel and his dad loved to talk about.

Bernard McCormes: "I miss talking to him about the sports, who he liked, we argue this and that, back and forth. I miss that, I miss that so much."

Last September, Marquel, nicknamed Quell, and some friends had gone to a nightclub. Then they returned home.

Sgt. Steve Feeley, BSO Homicide Unit: "They told us he came inside the house and he collapsed in the dining room area of the house."

No one in the house saw or heard anything, but Quell had been shot in the back while walking into the house.

Sgt. Steve Feeley: "Sometimes there isn't a lot of blood on the outside ,and unfortunately for Marquel, the injuries that he sustained were internal injuries, so he wasn't bleeding much from the outside."

In fact, when Bernard got the call, he was told his son had collapsed and was taken to the hospital. Bernard rushed over there.

Bernard McCormes: "When I walked into the hospital they looked at me, I looked at them- I knew he was gone- I went to the ground- I just couldn't believe how this could happen."

Bernard is a former BSO sergeant, and was taken to his son's body.

Bernard McCormes: "They took me to the room. They rolled Quell over, and you could see the little bullet hole in his back, and that's something that just messed me up from that day to this day."

Twenty-nine-year-old Qwell was dead. His parents' only child, murdered.

Joanne Mobley: "It hasn't been easy — having to deal with children and you have the loss of your child — it's been hard."

Quell is gone, but the Broward Sheriff's Office has not given up. Detectives and volunteers recently handed out flyers in the Lauderdale Lakes neighborhood where Quell was murdered.

Detective Louie Rivera, BSO: "We still need that one lead that's going to push us over the edge."

One reason the detectives haven't found the killer yet is because there were no witnesses that night, but a surveillance camera did capture the sound of the single gunshot, confirming Quell was shot in front of the house. And while Quell's friends didn't see or hear anything that night, the retired deputy — the grieving father — doesn't buy that.

Bernard McCormes: "I'm thinking they know what happened to Quell. They know — and if I'm wrong, forgive me — but right now I'm going by what my heart says. They know something, they actually know something."

Maybe the killer wanted to rob Quell. His jewelry wasn't taken, but his money was gone. However, to get some answers, someone has to talk.

Sgt. Steve Feeley: "We desperately want to solve this case, but we desperately want to solve every case that we work."

A mother and father lost this son. A coward shot this man in the back. That killer is still on the loose.

Joanne Mobley: "I just want the person to come forward and confess. In my heart, I forgive them, cause I have to."

Bernard McCormes: "If anyone does know what happened to Marquel, please come forward."

Twenty-nine-year-old Marquel "Quell" McCormes was shot on September 1st, 2012. If you know anything about the killer, give Broward Crime Stoppers a call. By the way, there is a cash reward waiting for you.

And if you have lost a loved one and want to remind people you are Out for Justice, give us a call. I'm Patrick Fraser, 7News.


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