Marinate Wooden Skewers

WSVN —  Join Chef Cindy Hutson from Ortanique on the Mile in Coral Gables as she shows you how to marinate skewers.

Chef Cindy Hutson: "Hi, I’m Chef Cindy Hutson from Ortanique on the Mile and this is Online Extra. I’m going to show you a little tip with skewers. Most people like to soak them in water before using them, putting them on the grill. I like to soak them in whatever flavor is going into that meat.

Chef Cindy Hutson: "I’m soaking them with some pure passion fruit juice, a little bit of herbs that have been blended with some garlic, cilantro and red pepper flakes. You’ve got to leave the oil out of this one because if you put oil on, they’re going to flame up on the grill."

Chef Cindy Hutson: "Then you just go ahead and you skewer your pork or chicken or whatever it is you’re doing and you have flavor inside and out."

Chef Cindy Hutson: "And that’s it, it’s easy!"