Man of Steel

George Reeve, Christopher Reeves, Dean Kane, Tom Welling, Brandon Routh wearing the red cape has a history.  When it comes to super-roles Superman is it. If Henry Cavill felt any pressure to put on the tights you couldn't tell. There's wasn't a hair out of place on his quaffed head.HENRY CAVILL: "It was as I always do, put your all into this job and make it a good one. Do your job. Do your part in this story because everyone else is going to do there's and so be good."As with Supermen of the past, this time around the "Man of Steel" is a one man army out to save earth from evil Kryptonians.  HENRY CAVILL: "I wasn't thinking about stepping into this iconic roll. The focus was on just doing the right thing and doing justice to the source material." Where there's the "Man of Steel" there's a bad gus as General Zod — Michael Shannon's character is the same, but he put his own spin on it.MICHAEL SHANNON: "I didn't take anything from the other movies. I saw Terrance stamp play Gen. Zod when I was a kid. It was great. It was thrilling. It's a great movie, but our movie just doesn't relate the story is so different. And move over margot kidder there's another Lois Lane ready to fly off into the sunset with the "Man of Steel."AMY ADAMS: "I think in our version I think this is the first time she trusted someone, and it's the first time she's believed him. And it's the first time she's seen the human cost of what she does." For Kevin Costner, if you build the role he will come. He just trusted director Zack  Snyder.KEVIN COSTNER: "I didn't get to read the script. Zack said, 'Will you play his dad?' and I said, 'Well, can we make it even though it wont be a big part can we find some interesting touchstones that make it interesting that will add to the story not just be part of the story.' And he said, 'Yeah.'"And sure there have been other Jonathan Kents….but Kevin's a pro.KEVIN COSTNER: "I didn't feel the need to look at them. I couldn't change what was on the paper. I could only add to it."For "Man of Steel," it doesn't matter who has had the role before it's about the stars who are making it their own now.