WSVN — The holidays are all about getting together with family and friends but getting your home ready can be stressful. Makeover maestro Martin Amado shares some tips to make that guest room welcoming without spending a lot of money.

Martin Amado: “The holidays are here which means more out of town family and friends will be visiting our home. Is your guest bedroom ready? On today’s ‘Room for Improvement’ I’m going to show you some simple tips to create a space that is warm and inviting.”

Martin Amado: “You don’t have to spend lots of money buying furniture for a spare bedroom. All you really need is a mattress. In this case, because we didn’t have a headboard, we created the illusion of one using paint and tape.”

Martin Amado: “This already looks great on its own, but I do want to give it more depth. Which is the reason I’m hanging these beautiful metal panels right on top.”

Martin Amado: “Now, if you’re doing something like this, always keep in mind the height of the pillows. So, it’s better to go up with the design instead of having it be flush with the mattress, because if not, part of it will be hidden.”

Martin Amado: “The decor in a guest bedroom should appeal to both sexes, which means nothing too flowery.”

Martin Amado: “This gray quilt has a neutral design that’s perfect for him and her.”

Martin Amado: “Loving these pillows. A little bit of whimsy on the bed for your guests. Kind of like an inspirational quote every morning.”

Martin Amado: “We can’t have a guest bedroom without two beautiful bed side lamps.”

Martin Amado: “It’s a small detail but choosing a lamp with a three-way switch helps to add a lot of ambiance in the space.”

Martin Amado: “Nothing is more inviting than seeing a luxurious throw at the end of the bed. And I’m sure your guests will appreciate that too.”

Martin Amado: “Remember, it’s all these layers that take a normal bed to the next level of comfort.”

Martin Amado: “Yes, we have flowers but it’s very subtle and modern.”

Martin Amado: “A bench at the foot of the bed is not only decorative but also functional. One, your guests have a place to sit down and two it’s a convenient place for them to place their luggage.”

Martin Amado: “And the final touch is a welcome basket with rolled up towels, some reading materials such as books and magazines, we have a small travel candle and even a room spray. All the details to make a home away from home.”

Martin Amado: “Don’t stress if you have company staying over at your house this holiday season because, as you saw, small changes can make a big difference in the space without spending too much money. Until next time, I’m Martin Amado for 7News.”

Need a makeover that will make your guests feel at home? Email Martin for help at or call him at 305-576-HOME or 954-962-HOME.

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