Ladies, you know we love our lipgloss, mascara, powder and more.

Elizabeth Cano: “I love my makeup, yes I do.”

Cano never goes out without it.

Elizabeth Cano: “When I put on makeup, I try to match my eyeshadow to my dress or my shoes.”

However, her love for cosmetics came to a crashing halt, when she had a severe allergic reaction.

Elizabeth Cano: “My eyelids started to swell up really bad and I started bleeding.”

She wanted to know what was causing the problem.

Elizabeth Cano: “I was desperate to find a solution to what it was.”

So, she went to see allergist Zevi Landman to gain more inside as to what was causing the problem.

Elizabeth Cano: “Twenty-five percent of women who use any type of makeup will have some reaction.”

He said women on average use seven different products on their face every day. So, the chances of developing a reaction are higher.

Zevi Landman: “If it’s severe, you can get severe pain. You can get blisters and get infected in that area.”

In the past, there hasn’t been a good way to pinpoint which makeup ingredients were causing the reaction. However, now doctors are using cosmetic patch tests.

Zevi Landman: “You just have to come once, then we apply it, and then you come back to be read.”

The FDA-approved patch tests for more than 70 different ingredients used in most cosmetics. The patches are applied to the back and left in place for 72 hours.

Agnes Haddad: “I become red and itchy and i haven’t found exactly what is the problem with me.”

Haddad is getting tested after she had an allergic reaction to her moisturizer.

Agnes Haddad: “The new and improved formula broke my face into a rash.”

She is hoping she can pinpoint what caused it.

Agnes Haddad: “Being able to look at the label and say, ‘I cannot use this’ or ‘I can use this.'”

Cano found out her swollen eye was from her makeup.

Zevi Landman: “This one is turning red and you see there is already an elevation of the skin, swelling of the skin.”

Elizabeth Cano: “I had to go back home, check the ingredients, and I had to throw everything in the garbage.”

Now she’s switched brands and can continue doing what she loves putting her best face forward.

Elizabeth Cano: “I could actually go back and put my makeup on.”

Elizabeth admits wearing the patches for three days is a bit itchy but she says it was worth it.

For more information:

Florida Center for Allergy & Asthma Care

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