Lynda Meier grew up in a fun, loving home.

Phylis Meier: “She was a happy child. I mean, the house was always bubbling, three little ones…”

A happy home, a giving home, where Lynda saw Phylis bring in at risk kids to help them.

Phylis Meier: “She saw that we did help people, tutor them, help provide things for them.”

On June 4th, 2010, Lynda Meier apparently tried to help someone. Phone records show she talked to a friend named Antwan Kennedy that morning. Surveillance video shows her leaving her condo at 5 a.m. A few minutes later, Phylis says she withdrew $320 from an ATM.

Phylis Meier: “She never carried money, so if she took out $320, I can be assured she took out $20 for herself and 300 for somebody else.”

A traffic camera showed Lynda driving down Hallandale Beach Boulevard. She has not been seen alive since then.

Hallandale Beach Police Chief Dwayne Flournoy: “I think Lynda’s goodness was taken advantage of that morning.”

The next day, Lynda’s credit card was used by two women at a Walmart. They told police this man, Dallas King, had given it to them.

Chief Dwayne Flournoy: “Dallas King remains a person of interest. He had told us that he had Lynda Meier’s credit cards. Mr. King was also in possession of Ms. Meier’s drivers license.”

King denied knowing anything about Lynda’s disappearance. He said the man Lynda talked to the morning she disappeared, Antwan Kennedy, gave him the card and license.

Chief Dwayne Flournoy: “Our evidence, and even some of the circumstantial evidence, has always pointed to Mr. King and Mr. Kennedy.”

Nine days after disappearing, Lynda’s SUV was found in an Opa-locka parking lot. It had been wiped clean. No clues. As for King and Kennedy, the persons of interest, both are in jail on other charges. What’s missing? That one clue to help determine what happened to Lynda.

Phylis Meier: “I don’t think — at this point it would be foolish to think she’s alive.”

Phylis is being painfully realistic. Something horrible happened to Lynda that June morning, and while FDLE and Hallandale Police are determined to find the answers, it hasn’t happened yet.

FDLE Special Agent John Vecchio: “We continue to work leads as we get them, we continue to look at the leads that we’ve had.”

The reward for that clue is big, $103,000. The two men of interest, locked away, Kennedy in Broward County Jail, King serving two life sentences in state prison.

Chief Dwayne Flournoy: “He’s not going out of the custody of the state of Florida until he leaves this Earth.”

Meaning if someone with information wants a reward and is worried about the people of interest retaliating, they don’t have to. It’s safe to come forward.

Chief Dwayne Flournoy: How could you have some information that’s going to bring some solace and some relief to a family, and you hold on to that and not share that? No…”

If you know what someone did to Lynda, if you want to collect $103,000, give Broward Crime Stoppers a call at 954-493-TIPS. If you are worried about upsetting the people of interest, don’t. They’re behind bars.

And if you have lost a loved one and want to remind people you are still Out for Justice, give us a call. With this Out for Justice, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.

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