LUSH Valentine’s Day

WSVN — Adore your loved one, but don't have lots of cash for a big night out on Valentine's Day? Staying in doesn't have to be boring, thanks to the new LUSH Cosmetics.

Maygan Dale, Manager, LUSH Lincoln Road: "LUSH Lincoln Road has finally opened, bringing fresh homemade cosmetics to Miami Beach. We are 100 percent vegetarian, with more than half of our products being vegan."

No need to hire a masseuse. Give each other a seductive rubdown with one of these massage bars. This bar was inspired by Madonna's cone-shaped bra, and the point is meant to help you dig deep.

Laura Clarke, LUSH Lincoln Road: "This is going to be good for any knots that you have or any sore tight muscles. It's got wild orange and Sicilian lemon, which is invigorating and it will keep you going all night long."

Or for a more tender touch…

Laura Clarke: "Tender Is the Night has lots of almond oil, which is going to keep your skin very moisturized, and it melts right into your skin, as you can see, and it has jasmine, which is very sensual, so it gets you in the mood."

Make bath time sexier by dropping in one of LUSH's popular Bath Bombs.

Laura Clarke: "Just go ahead and drop it in the water, and it's going to start fizzing up. It's heart-shaped, and it's got seven rose buds in it. When it dissolves in the water, you see the rose buds. We have another called Sex Bomb. It has lots of jasmine, which is an aphrodisiac. You're going to actually have a little rose bud floating around in your bathtub."

Just suffered a breakup? There's even a product for the anti-Valentine's Day.

Laura Clarke: "We have a Bath Bomb called The Ex Factor, and it has vanilla, which is going to help your heart heal. You can break off his head, you can break off his legs, his arms. You can drop it in, and he dissolves and goes away."

You can also pick out products and make your own gift basket, or they have ones already made. Extra bonus: LUSH offers free facials all the time, so stop in to get a fresh face for your big night.

Laura Clarke: "Our facials pretty much consist of cleansing, toning, putting on a serum. Our serums have tons of great ingredients such as Portobello mushrooms, which are great antioxidants."

All great expressions of your affection.

LUSH sells products that start at $1.95 and up, so there is a price range for every woman and man in your life. For more information, log on to our website and click on the Style File.


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