It’s been close to three years since former Broward Sheriff Nick Navarro passed away. As you might expect, it’s been hard on his widow. But what you might not expect is the legal battle that has developed over the sale of his company. Investigative Reporter Carmel Cafiero has the story.

WSVN — The funeral service for Nick Navarro is the last time most of us saw his widow Sharron.

The former sheriff spent his career fighting crime and was a larger than life figure here in South Florida.

Before being elected sheriff, he ran BSO’s organized crime division and fought drug suspects not from a desk, but on the street.

After Nick left office, he and Sharron started a successful security business. But today she says she has lost it all.

Sharron Navarro: “You know Carmel, I lost my husband, just about lost my house, lost my business and I’ve lost the building that I owned that the business was in all within a year.”

A fight over the sale of the Navarro Security Companies is pending in court.

Carmel Cafiero: “The main issue is money. It’s all about revenue promised and revenue delivered. The buyer sued Sharron and Sharron sued the buyer.”

Also at issue, personal items that Sharron claims were taken by the new owner when the company moved.

She says souvenirs from Nick’s career are missing. Among them, two original posters from Scarface given to Nick by actor Al Pacino.

Nick had been a consultant on the movie.

Sharron says several paintings are also missing, including a portrait of Nick that is very important to her.

Sharron Navarro: “Well I’m sick over it. I truly am. I’m very sick about this. The whole thing I’m just sick about, you know, losing Nick’s portrait which I loved and any personal items we had together.”

But she’s not alone.

Private investigator Wayne Black has volunteered to help.

Wayne Black: “Well we’re gonna get it back. I don’t know how yet but we’re going to get it back.”

Jamaican table tennis star Joseph Dibbs, seen here in a YouTube video, and his electronics company bought the Navarro Security Companies which now operates from Plantation.

In court papers, they deny taking any property in violation of the sales contract.

Dibbs declined an on camera interview but his attorney sent this statement: “Sharron Navarro’s accusations concerning the alleged taking of her personal property are without merit and undeniably have been made in retaliation to the meritorious civil litigation that was filed against her arising from the sale of her security companies nearly three years ago. It is unfortunate that Ms. Navarro is now trying to gain leverage in the lawsuit by asserting such unsubstantiated claims.”

The court case over the sale could take years. It’s a fight that has taken an emotional and financial toll.

Sharron Navarro: “I can’t sleep at night.”

Carmel Cafiero: “You’re still smiling.

Sharron Navarro: “Well, I’m smiling.”

But there’s no doubt Sharron Navarro was not smiling after reading this letter from Dibbs’ attorney last Friday. It demands she withdraw her claims concerning the missing items.

In part it reads, “The accusations that her property was taken are plainly false and that the few items in Dibbs’ possession are undeniably part of the sale.”

It appears a courtroom is the only place this dispute will be settled.


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