Youth coach reunites with firefighters who rescued him

A youth baseball coach reunited with four off-duty firefighters who came to his rescue, Wednesday.

Gustavo Pardo suffered a heart attack while coaching kids at a baseball game in March.

“I was coaching third base, and I remember putting my drink down, getting up, and that was it,” Pardo said.

Thankfully, those four off-duty firefighters were also at the game and jumped into action by performing CPR.

“Someone was passed out on the field,” Miami Beach firefighter Oel Mizelle said. “Subsequently checked the pulse, saw there was no pulse, started CPR.”

Pardo was able to meet the crew, Wednesday night, in Cutler Bay and express how grateful he feels. “I was very lucky that day, very lucky,” he said. “It was like a marathon going around and around, those people just working on me. I heard I was out like 11 minutes. Thanks a lot, guys, you’re fantastic. I love you all.”

The firefighters were later awarded for their efforts at the Cutler Bay Town Center.

“We just rotated doing CPR,” Lt. Kirsten Miller said.

The firefighters said the fact that they all stepped in early may have saved Pardo’s life.

“I’m lucky, that’s all I can say,” Pardo said. “God bless them. I’m very, very lucky.”

Pardo has fully recovered.

“Thanks a lot, guys. You’re fantastic,” Pardo told the firefighters. “I love you all.”

The firefighters said the only thanks they need is seeing Pardo back on his feet.

“It feels wonderful to be able to help someone out, to be able to be part of a team that was working together to do CPR,” Miller said, “and to see the outcome turn out the way it was. It feels amazing.”

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