Young Key Biscayne couple start business to help those dealing with incontinence

KEY BISCAYNE, FLA. (WSVN) - Although roughly 20 to 30 million people are affected by incontinence across the U.S., there still remains a stigma when it comes to purchasing the necessary undergarments and pads necessary to aid them. This is why one South Florida couple took it upon themselves to reverse this stigma.

According to The Islander News, this issue is what prompted 24-year-old Bianca Padilla and her boyfriend and business partner, 27-year-old Jonathan Magolnick, to start Care Club, a website where those suffering from incontinence can easily browse and purchase affordable solutions to incontinence — without the stigma.

The products Magolnick and Padilla make available are a line of adult undergarments, pads, wipes and other items made by a variety of manufacturers.

“We felt it was an under served area,” explained Mogolnick. “There were no real millennials pursing this path. The websites that were out there and available now, are old and not very nice and don’t really offer comfort as opposed to ours where we want people to feel that this is not so taboo of a subject.”

According to the business partners, what makes their business unique is the ability to order online by becoming a club member, eliminating any need to go to the store.

And for those who need help deciding what product is right for them, personalized advice is just a phone call away.

“You can call us directly,” said Padilla. “We realize each customer’s situation is unique to them and they might be embarrassed to ask for help face to face.”

Membership to Care Club is free, and by simply signing up, members can receive a 10 percent discount off all products, plus, they will receive free shipping for orders that exceed $50.

For more information about Care Club and its mission, visit

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