Wynwood businesses express concern with Zika outbreak

MIAMI (WSVN) - Reports that the Zika virus has reportedly been transmitted in Wynwood has business owners worried.

The art district is a hot spot throughout the weekend with multiple bars, clubs, restaurants and art galleries available to locals, but some employees expect a slump in business due to the virus.

One business keeps a mosquito repellant at the front counter for customers eating outside. “We’re trying to keep people protected here,” GKB Restaurant employee Jose Castillo said. “Happens a lot in Miami.”

Castillo believes that Wynwood’s allure will outweigh any Zika fears. “Here, people just come for the fun,” he said. “I don’t think it’s gonna affect business that much.”

At Sam Paul Gallery, there is concern that the mosquitos may drive customers away. “Today, I don’t know because of this, I don’t think people will come here,” Valerie Musumeci, with Sam Paul Gallery, said.

One boutique in the area hopes for steady sales but since a lot of their customers are tourists, business may take a hit. “We do get a lot of tourists in the area, so it could mean that we may lose a little bit of business because they don’t want to come to Wynwood anymore,” said Frangipani Boutique employee Allison Franqui.

Many who go to Wynwood for a good time on the weekend said they are aware that the main concern is for pregnant women.

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