Woman throws dog from bridge, says “dogs can fly”, witnesses report

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. (WSVN) — Authorities are investigating after witnesses reported seeing a woman throw a dog off a South Florida bridge Wednesday.

The Sun-Sentinel reports that witnesses told deputies the woman claimed “dogs can fly” as the reason why she threw the dog, an 8-year-old Jack Russell terrier mix named BJ.

The incident happened at Phil Foster Park in Riviera Beach. The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office said several people saw the woman throw the dog off the Blue Heron Bridge, where it fell at least 30 feet down to the sand below.

Deputies found the dog on the beach after responding to an animal cruelty call that reported the dog was “clearly in distress, pain, was whining and struggling to move.”

Laura Weinberger said she saw the dog trying to sit up after the fall.

“It was yelping really badly,” Weinberger said. “We had to turn away. It was just horrible to see a dog in so much pain and shock.”

Palm Beach Animal Care and Control spokesman Capt. David Walesky said BJ is 30 pounds, nearly twice the 18-pound average weight of Jack Russells. Walesky said those extra pounds may have helped pad the pup’s fall.

“It doesn’t appear he has any thing broken,” Walesky said. “It’s possible the extra weight helped him out a little bit. It’s surprising he doesn’t have any more injuries.”

BJ was adopted from Palm Beach Animal Control back in 2010 by the accused woman’s family, according to the Sun-Sentinel. The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office plans to file charges in the case.

If the owners give up the dog, BJ will be available for adoption or rescue, animal control said.

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