Woman stranded in Miami after being hospitalized following butt lift

AVENTURA, FLA. (WSVN) - - A woman who came to South Florida to undergo a Brazilian butt lift, last week, is still not able to return home after she wound up in the emergency room following her surgery.

Crystal Call and her mother, Maria Basham, said they planned to go back to New York after Call underwent the surgery in Aventura, last Wednesday. Despite their plans, Call is not medically cleared to go home, so the pair are stranded.

“Getting better, slowly, but still not able to go home,” Call said.

The procedure at Seduction Cosmetic Surgery Center was expected to last only a couple hours. “I should’ve been out by 2 p.m. When they said it was 7 p.m., I was like, ‘Why am I still here?” Call said.

According to Call, if it wasn’t for her concerned mom she may not have left at all.

“I said, ‘I need to call in ambulance,'” Basham said. “‘They said, ‘No, no, no.’ I said, ‘You either call the ambulance, or I’m calling the cops.’ I said, ‘It doesn’t matter which way we do this, but I want her out of here.'”

According to Call, the emergency room doctor told her that she could’ve died if she stayed in the cosmetic center much longer.

“Both patients had severe bleeding, which required blood transfusions and intensive care stay,” said Dr. Joshua Lampert, a plastic surgeon.

Lampert referred to “both patients,” because Call wasn’t the only Brazilian butt lift client at the cosmetic center to be hospitalized that day.

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Shaberiya Hill, 28, also had to be hospitalized after undergoing surgery. Her mother, Marilyn Kaze, said she too almost died. “I don’t think there is a word for how upset I am with the doctor,” Kaze said.

Last week, a woman died at the hospital after getting a Brazilian butt lift at Eres Plastic Surgery in Hialeah. Another woman died at the same center last year. No charges were filed.

Call said she feels lucky to be alive but she’s still on the hook for thousands of dollars for a surgery that went horribly wrong.

“I’m just glad that I survived,” she added. “Don’t wanna say I regret it because I do wanna get the word out and save other people.”

She warned anyone thinking of getting a Brazilian butt lift to ask the right questions.

“They say they do about 400 of these a month, so I can only imagine how many other girl’s lives are at risk right now,” she said.

According to Call, the most important thing is to make sure the surgeon is board certified.

Call and her mother said they are running out of money as they wait for medical clearance to return home. To contribute to their GoFundMe, click here.

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