Woman shares story after pregnancy tragedy

MIAMI (WSVN) - A heartbroken mother is sharing her story with just one station.

This family is leaving the hospital after a pregnancy but there is no baby. “We have a funeral to plan,” said Olena Zelenina in tears.

Zelenina said she lost her baby while 39 weeks pregnant — seven days from her due date. She was diagnosed with diabetes, which she and her family believe would have been preventable and detectable with routine tests she said she was never given by her private practice Key West doctor.

“Feels horrible, there’s no worse feeling than this,” Zelenina said.

Once it was determined the baby had died, Zelenina said her doctor sent her home to recover emotionally and told her to come back two days later, but she only got worse physically, and ended up in the Lower Keys Medical Center the very next day. She ended up in a coma. The doctor?

“They suspended him from Key West Hospital, and he had a restriction order,” Zelenina said.

When asked if it was her understanding that the doctor was suspended because of what happened to her, Zelenina responded in the affirmative and said she knew because the hospital told her that.

“This is something that a parent or grandparent should never have to go through, and it is the most heart-wrenching thing because we should be having a baby to celebrate right now,” said Carol Evans, Zelanina’s mother-in-law.

Once she came out of her coma, Zelenina was airlifted from the keys to Jackson’s Ryder Trauma Center, where doctors helped in her recovery. Her husband, Travis Evans said their baby was named Matthew. “The whole process has been worse than any nightmare,” he said. “You wake up from a nightmare and realize that reality’s worse than the nightmare you were just having. There’s not really any words to describe the emotions you go through when you hold your dead son.”

Matthew would have been the couple’s first-born child. 7News made attempts to reach the doctor, who was not named so he could respond to the family’s claims.

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