Woman involved in Lyft driver attack apologizes

SUNNY ISLES BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A woman involved in an alleged attack on a Lyft driver that was caught on camera has apologized.

The attacker, one of five women involved, was identified as Alternisha Nebbie, who landed behind bars for her 23rd birthday.

Days after the ride share showdown, one of the women in the video spoke to 7News.

“We definitely want to apologize to anyone that we offended because we would not want anyone to talk to us that way,” she said.

The woman did not want to show her face, but her remorse was on full display.

She said when they ordered the Lyft Sunday night in Sunny Isles, they had no intention of starting a fight. They were just trying to have fun.

“When I called the Lyft, I didn’t know that there was five of us until he came,” she said.

In the dashcam video, the women are seen going back and forth with the driver, even promising him a big tip if he bent the rules for them.

When the driver refused, Nebbie attempted to hit him through the passenger-side window.

“We were totally wrong for that,” she said. “When he told us no, we should have walked away and kept walking.”

However, she said there’s more to the story.

“He hit Alternisha first, that’s what you didn’t get. What you guys got was when he turned the dash cam,” she said. “He hit her first, which is the reason why Alternisha hit him back. It’s still not right because if somebody hits you, we could have walked away.”

That swing on the Lyft driver was enough to earn Nebbie a ride to jail.

The driver talked exclusively with 7News and showed the damage to his car.

“It’s completely loose, you see? They hit it right here,” he said.

But the women have a different story.

“He falsified things that were broken on his car. That was not true,” she said.

The video showed the women accusing the driver of being racist.

“You white KKK [expletive],” said one passenger.

“Whenever she called me racist and KKK, that’s when I really got upset, you know, because I’m not a racist person,” the driver said.

“We also want to apologize to everybody for the racial slurs we said. They were disgusting. They were nasty,” she said. “We definitely learned from this experience. It will never happen again.”

She added that she would like to apologize to the families of the women involved because they weren’t raised that way.

Nebbie was charged with burglary with battery and has since posted her $10,000 bond. She is now under house arrest.

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