Woman hits gas, slams into Bravo supermarket in Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - A woman lost control of her car after, officials said, she mistook the gas pedal for the brake and plowed into the front of a packed supermarket in Hollywood.

Hollywood Police and Fire Rescue crews responded to the scene at the Bravo Supermarkets along the 3000 block of Johnson Street, Sunday afternoon.

The loud crash sent shock waves inside the store and in the parking lot.

“It was a loud boom and scary,” said shopper Christina Van Hoven. “I couldn’t even get out of my car.”

Surveillance video captured the moment the driver’s gray Infiniti sedan pulled into a handicapped parking spot. Instead of stopping, however, the motorist accelerated, causing the vehicle to go through a wall and into the business.

The woman behind the wheel, reportedly in her mid-to-late 60s, was said to be a regular customer.

7News spoke with the supermarket’s manager who said it could’ve been much worse.

“We were blessed,” said Ricky Rodriguez. “Sunday is one of our busiest days here as a family, local business. I’m fortunate that no one was in the way when the vehicle came through the store.”

Cellphone video captured the severe and costly damage: shattered glass, a window frame left dangling, parts of the store in complete disarray and the Infiniti with considerable damage.

Paramedics treated the driver at the scene. Police said she was not seriously hurt.

“She was very concerned about the people inside the store,” Rodriguez said. “No one was hurt. There was just one gentleman that was swiped off the floor with one of the coolers that were moved out the way, but he also will be fine.”

Rodriguez said he and the rest of the staff were able to reopen the store shortly after the crash.

The car was eventually pulled out of the supermarket, loaded onto the back of a flatbed truck and towed away.

Crews came in and began working to cover the gaping hole with plywood.

The store manager said the driver felt terrible about causing this mess, adding that her family even stopped by to help clean up the debris and put up the boards.

Shoppers said they’re thankful the outcome was not worse.

“I’m glad everybody is safe, but it’s sad because this store has been here for years, and to see a tragic thing like that happen is crazy,” said Van Hoven.

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