PLANTATION, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida woman is sharing her story, just over a week after, she said, two men dragged her out of her car outside of a gas station and took off with the vehicle.

Twenty-three-year-old Marjanatate Demery said she was on her way to meet some friends, Sunday, June 26, when she stopped at the 7-Eleven at 640 N. State Road 7 in Plantation to buy some chewing gum. As she was getting back into the car, she came face to face with a man holding a gun. “You feel the adrenaline rush when somebody’s putting the barrel of a gun to your face,” she said.

Demery said it all happened very fast. “I probably didn’t even sit down all the way,” she said. “I was halfway in and halfway out, and maybe I was pulling my foot and closing the door at the same time, and that’s when he was there.”

Surveillance cameras captured the subject rushing at her from around the corner of the store. “He just put the gun right to my face. He put it right there,” said Demery as she pointed to her right temple.

When asked what her assailant said, Demery replied, “He said, ‘Give me your keys.'”

Demery did as she was told, and then the man forced her out of her dark colored 2007 Chevy Impala. At that point, the subject’s accomplice, seen wearing light colored shorts, approached the car.

Demery said the second man looked very scared. “I’ve seen it in his face; he was terrified,” she said, “to the point where he just stood, like, in the middle of the robbery. He didn’t know what to do.”

That second man eventually tried to get into the passenger side, but that did not go smoothly. “The way I set my car, I unplug something electrically,” said Demery. “Even if you hit the lock, you actually have to hit the lock more than once to unlock all the car doors.”

It took a few seconds, but the second subject was able to get into the vehicle. The car is then seen taking off, leaving Demery standing at the front of the 7-Eleven with no phone and no wallet.

Demery, a single mother of two who works as a telephone salesperson, had to replace her paid-for Impala with a used Toyota. “It was necessary, you know?” she said. “It’s not about the looks of the car. As long as my children have transportation, I can get to work to make more money, and the better stuff will come later.”

Despite having had to deal with the frightening ordeal, Demery is taking it all in stride. “Stuff happens, and everybody isn’t as nice as I am,” she said. “Everybody don’t wanna work. Some people would rather put a barrel of a gun to somebody’s face just so they can have transportation and a few dollars in their pocket.”

If you have any information on this carjacking, call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $3,000 reward.

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