Woman appears in court after punching Lyft driver in Sunny Isles Beach

SUNNY ISLES BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A Lyft driver’s dashcam video captured a woman punching him after he refused to take her group of five’s trip because they would not fit in his sedan.

A Lyft passenger looking to party could be seen taking a swing through the passenger side window. The incident landed the alleged bad birthday girl behind bars.

“You are definitely not having a good birthday today,” said the judge.

Days after the arrest, the driver shared his experience and showed 7News cameras the damage to his car after he came under attack.

“I don’t really understand it,” said the Lyft driver, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “It’s completely loose, you see? They hit it right here.”

He said it all went down Sunday evening in Sunny Isles Beach.

His dashcam was rolling as he pulled up to the condos on Collins Avenue near 193rd Street to pick up a ride.

Five women approached his Honda Accord and tried to get in.

“I just told them, ‘Please. I’m not going to take you across the street because my car is not for five people,'” he said. “It’s that simple.”

They went back and fourth, and the passengers pleaded and even offered a big tip.

“My sister is pregnant, sir, she can’t walk,” a passenger said. “That’s the only reason we are taking this trip.”

Driver: “I can take her, and you can walk,” the driver replied.

“Sir, it’s not even five minutes away,” a passenger said.

“It’s right across the street!” a second passenger said.

Unfortunately, that was just the beginning, and it escalated as he tried to drive off.

“OK, bye,” the driver said.

“You don’t have to be like that you [expletive] idiot!” the first passenger said.

“You [expletive] mother [expletive],” the second passenger said.

The driver moved the camera as the women began hurling insults.

“You stupid white KKK [expletive],” the first passenger said.

Not long after the situation escalated, the driver was dodging a right hook.

“They got really upset, and they hit me, and they hit my car,” said the driver. “I think it was with a piece of jewelry or something.”

“[Expletive], don’t play with me. I’ll beat yo [expletive],” the second passenger said.

“That’s when I really got upset, you know, because I’m not a racist person,” said the driver.

The driver called the police as the women walked away, but they would not let it go.

“What are you gonna do? What are you going to do?” the first passenger said.

However, the group of women were not going far from where the incident occurred. They wanted the driver to give them a ride to the Ramada across the street, but instead, the woman who threw hands got a ride to jail.

According to the police report, there wasn’t enough evidence at first to make an arrest until the Lyft driver gave his dashcam video to authorities.

“Hello, Ms. Nebbie,” the judge said.

Alternisha Nebbie spent the night in jail and went before a judge on her birthday.

“I spent all my money for my birthday today,” said Nebbie.

She was charged with burglary with battery and has since posted her $10,000 bond. She is now on house arrest.

“That’s why I called the police, to make sure they got what they deserve,” the driver said. “You know, it’s very disrespectful. I hope they learn with this and don’t do it again.”

While the accused swinging Scorpio waits to learn her fate, the driver said he hopes she learned her lesson.

“I just don’t get it,” said the driver. “Don’t ever try to attack somebody because they’re doing the right thing. It’s just not right.”

The driver said he is only a part-time Lyft driver, but after this incident, he is looking for other ways to make extra money.

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