FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - A woman accused of taking part in a crime so hateful it left one man blind has been granted bail in Fort Lauderdale but must stay in jail.

“They had nothing to do with this, and judge, I am urging your honor to release this woman and allow the discovery process play out,” said defense attorney Michael Glasser during a court hearing.

Inna Makarenko has been charged with attempted murder, burglary and kidnapping, but her attorney argued Monday afternoon that she deserves to be out on bond.

“I remain beyond confident that she will be formally vindicated,” said Glasser.

Makarenko was arrested in March, along with her husband and two of her sons for beating a Pompano Beach man so severely that he was left blind.

The motive, according to the victim: he had been in a romantic relationship with one of those arrested, Makarenko’s son Oleh, known as Alex.

Initially, the victim told police he had simply fallen down in his apartment.

The judge referenced body-worn cameras, where responding officers discussed what they had seen.

“The guy’s still laying on the floor,” said Circuit Court Judge Ernest Kollra during the court hearing. “Two of the officers, at least two of them, at last that I heard, didn’t believe this falling story for a minute, and all they do is, I mean, I kept searching and looking through the packet. What did they do that night?”

The prosecutor told the judge that there is a lack of physical evidence in part because the victim changed his story six months later and claimed the Makarenko family attacked him.

Prosecutors pointed to a text message the victim said Alex sent him, claiming his mother, was forcing him to marry a woman.

“So the state is saying that corroborates her motivation in this case,” said prosecutor Darryl Torres.

“I don’t have enough evidence in front of me to find proof-evident presumption great. I just don’t have it,” said Kollra.

Makarenko can be released on bond.

“I had no doubt that she would have a bond because it would just be unfair to her,” said Markarenko’s daughter, Diana.

“The fact that she is there and she has to go through this is, of course, very heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking to see her daughter and, you know, it’s been tough for all of us,” said family friend Angelina Shevchenko.

Makarenko has been given a bond of $90,000, $30,000 for each charge, but she may not be getting out soon because the family is from Ukraine and have been in the U.S. for several years.

There are also some immigration issues that have to be cleared up before she can be released.

Prosecutors said the investigation is ongoing.

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