Wildlife officials warn of giant Tegu lizards roaming Tampa

TAMPA, FLA. (WSVN) - Wildlife offcials are warning the public of giant lizards roaming Tampa.

Wildlife officials said pet owners have released Tegu lizards into the wild as they become too big.

The lizards grow up to four feet long and weigh around 30 pounds. Experts estimate about 200 tegus live in Tampa now.

“That’s an animal that eats eggs, eats small mammals. They eat snakes, lizards, birds, maybe even a house cat,” said Lewis Single of the Lowry Park Zoo.

“It’s got lots of sharp teeth and a pretty good strong bite. They will defend themselves,” said Croc Encounters Reptile Park owner John Paner.

The Fish and Wildlife Commission said that while it’s concerned about the invasive species, there are no plans to control them yet.

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