COCONUT GROVE, FLA. (WSVN) - - Officials responded to reports of an injured dog in Coconut Grove, but they were surprised after they realized that the dog was actually a coyote.

The injured animal was found in the busy shopping and restaurant district on the 3100 block of Commodore Plaza, Saturday.

“It most likely is domesticated. Let’s use that term loosely,” said Coconut Grove resident Juliana McGuinness.

Miami-Dade Animal Services responded to a call about an injured dog, but when animal service officers arrived, they discovered it was, in fact, a wild animal.

“It could be dangerous, but I think given the fact that it’s unusual for a coyote to be here, it probably came from somewhere where somebody was taking care of it,” said resident Larry McGuinness.

The South Florida Wildlife Center offered to help the coyote, and a full checkup is underway over the next eight days.

Coyotes can carry rabies, and animal services officials have advised people and pet owners to use caution when approaching wildlife.

“I’m not necessarily worried about our dogs because we keep them safe when we take them for walks, on leashes and everything,” said Juliana.

While animal experts say coyotes normally have a shy demeanor around humans, an injured or sick coyote could put people or pets at risk.

“So it seems the authorities stepped in, and they’re doing what they need to. I’m good with that,” said Larry.

Once the coyote has finished its medical treatment, it will be moved to a rehabilitation center. Soon after, it will be released back into the wild.

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