Wet concrete falls on parked cars in Miami Beach

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Several vehicles have been left ruined after liquid concrete fell on them near a construction site in Miami Beach.

The southbound lanes of Alton Road from Lincoln Road to 16th Street in Miami Beach were closed for some time after Miami Beach Police responded to the scene just before 12:45 p.m., Wednesday.

Marcos Sowinski was inside his white Mercedes C-class sedan when the concrete started falling on his car.

“I heard the noise, and it came and bang so hard,” he said while covered in wet concrete. “I got cement, and I came and rolled inside the car as small as I could, and I kept feeling it coming down. Debris. Wood. I had even glass on top of my head. The sunroof of the car was on top of my head.”

Sowinski’s car was left covered in concrete, and its front windshield had shattered.

In a video posted on Twitter by Miami Beach Police spokesperson Ernesto Rodriguez, several cars could be seen covered or splattered with concrete.

“Absolutely. This could’ve ended much worse. We discovered what appears to be a concrete pour gone bad,” Rodriguez said. “Several vehicles were damaged, extensively damaged, but thankfully, no one injured.”

The Miami Beach Building Department stopped work at the construction site until crews made sure the site was safe.

Paramedics treated Sowinski at the scene. He said he’s had five heart attacks during his life, and the Wednesday afternoon incident was another close call.

“They check my heart rate and everything,” Sowinski said. “Super freaky, super, like you say, ‘Wow!’ And the bag on top of the car is still filled up with a whole ball.”

Luckily, Sowinski’s wife was inside a nearby bank when the spill happened. After surveying the damage and seeing what was left hanging above the vehicle, he said he’s grateful the outcome was not worse.

“If that would’ve fallen on my car, I would’ve been dead,” Sowinski said.

Plaza Construction, the general contractor for the project, released a statement on the incident, Wednesday.

“The concrete spillage at 1212 Lincoln is currently being cleaned by our staff and thankfully there were no injuries. We are reviewing to see why the spillage took place,” Brad Meltzer, the company’s president, said in a statement.

The damaged vehicles have since been towed away from the scene.

No injuries have been reported.

The roadways have since reopened.

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