Westchester General Hospital employee charged with raping mental health patient

(WSVN) - Horror inside a South Florida hospital on New Year’s Eve, as a patient ends up at the mercy of an accused predator. Helpless, alone and hurt, but not afraid to share her story, she’s hoping no one will ever have to go through what she did. 7’s Brian Entin investigates.

What this woman says she went through is terrifying. She was lying in her hospital bed late at night when, she says, an employee came into her room, put his hand on her mouth and sexually assaulted her.

Victim: “Painful. Disgusted. All I do is cry.”

This woman says she was admitted to Westchester General Hospital in Southwest Miami-Dade for depression, but after 10 o’clock at night on New Year’s Eve, police say, mental health technician Fernando Ramos-Garcia came into her hospital room and raped her.

Victim: “I was depressed. Now I’m super depressed. I’m afraid to stay alone. I’m afraid to sleep. I’m afraid to be up. I’m afraid of everything.”

Miami-Dade Police say Ramos-Garcia is employed by the hospital and during the night shift forced the patient to perform oral sex.

His arrest affidavit says, “The defendant then walked into the doorway checking to see if anyone was coming from the hallway. When it was clear, the defendant subsequently re-entered her room, covered her mouth and forced penile/vaginal intercourse.”

John Seligman, victim’s attorney: “This is a huge tragedy for a lady who didn’t deserve this on New Year’s Eve. This is how she spent her New Year’s: medicated, asleep, with a large man raping her with his hand over her mouth.”

Miami-Dade Police charged Ramos-Garcia with sexual battery and sexual misconduct at a mental health facility.

Police say he confessed to having sex with the patient but claims it was consensual.

Brian Entin: “Hi. Is Fernando here? Where is Fernando? Is he home?”

Ramos-Garcia is out of jail on bond.

The victim hired an attorney who says the hospital never called police — and that it was the victim’s daughter who had to call 911.

John Seligman: “Everybody goes into the hospital for help. Everybody is entitled to be safe in the hospital. This lady did not get the help, and she did not get the safety she is entitled to in this hospital.”

Westchester General Hospital released a statement to 7News that says, “Our hospital takes very seriously the safety of its patients and the allegations made in this complaint. We are fully cooperating with the investigation in this matter. Because of confidentiality concerns, we cannot comment further.”

The brave victim says she is sharing her horrific ordeal as a warning to other women.

Victim: “My mission to come forward is to please, if you have had an issue with this gentleman, please come forward. There’s nothing to be afraid of. If anything, you are going to get help.”

Within hours of his arrest, Ramos-Garcia was able to bond out of jail on a $30,000 bond. The victim is shocked he got a bond and is in the process of getting a restraining order against him.


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