Wal-Mart customers attempt to stop shoplifters

STUART, Fla. (WSVN) – Customers at a Wal-Mart along Florida’s Treasure Coast sprang into action when two shoplifters tried to make their move.

The two crooks were caught on camera as they tried to steal computers from a Wal-Mart in Stuart on Tuesday. The ordeal spilled over into the parking lot, and customers recorded the incident on their cellphones.

A person in the accused thieves’ truck could be heard telling the driver to go. He, however, hesitated as a store employee tried to convince him to stay.

Brittany Lindaas was just about to walk into the store when she hit record on her phone. “I started to hear the guy say, ‘You don’t want a felony,’ and that’s what really caught my eye, and that’s why I started videoing,” she said.

Several people then stepped in to convince the driver to stay on scene. “The driver, I think, was getting convinced,” she said.

One shopper even went as far as throwing a cart behind the truck to keep the driver from fleeing.

He eventually did leave, but Lindaas was already ahead of them. “I got the tag already, dude,” Lindaas said.

She also captured their faces and the car.

“He tried covering his tag, and I was like, ‘I already got it. It’s too late now,'” Lindaas said.

Police are now working to track down who these thieves are and the two computers they took, worth about $800.

“I’m hoping that my video does some sort of good,” Lindaas said. “He needs to pay the time for his crime.”

Those robbers have not yet been found by police.

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