Video shows woman throwing hot water in boss’ face in Davie

DAVIE, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida man is speaking out after a now former employee was caught on video throwing a cup of scalding water in his face, Friday afternoon.

His head still in bandages, Claudio Salcedo, the manager at a truck stop off State Road 595 in Davie, spoke with 7News about the incident.

The supervisor said he might be scarred for life. “I was in shock,” he said. “I crouched down and felt my skin sizzling.”

Surveillance video captured the woman, said to be a disgruntled employee, burning her boss with boiling water.

“Right after it sinks in, my face just stared burning, which I thought it was acid at some point ’cause it just kept sizzling,” said Salcedo.

Salcedo said the employee, later identified as Jondre Thomas, caught him off guard, tossing the hot water right in his face.

“Caught me by surprise. She said those words and threw the water,” he said.

When asked what those words were, Salcedo replied, “‘You’ve been trying to get rid of me.'”

Salcedo said Thomas was upset about a meeting she had with him and two other bosses about her work when she stormed off. That’s when, Salcedo said, she caught up with him outside and splashed him with the scalding water.

“All I remember is her saying, ‘So you’ve been trying to get rid of me,’ and immediately after, the boiling hot water came to my face,” he said.

Despite his burns, Salcedo is seen chasing after Thomas. He managed to restrain Thomas for a short time as he yelled at others nearby to call the police.

“I noticed her starting running, so immediately I thought, ‘We have to upperhand her and call authorities,” said Salcedo.

However, she was able to break free and get away.

Police said she was later arrested at her home nearby.

A 7News crew tried to talk to someone at her home but was turned away.

As for Salcedo, he suffered second-degree burns. The scars could be permanent, but his angst is not.

Despite the possible disfigurement, Salcedo said he has forgiven his attacker.

“I forgive her. Absolutely,” he said.

Thomas has since been terminated from her position. She faces an aggravated battery charge.

Thomas bonded out of jail Saturday night.

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