NAPLES, Fla. (WSVN) — Have you ever heard an alligator bellow? Well, it sounds like something you would hear from “Jurassic Park.”

Video posted by the Napes Zoo shows three alligators, Bubba, Freckle and Mama bellowing in the water.

“Alligators bellow year round, but they do it more often during this time of year because it’s mating season,” the zoo said on Facebook. “Alligators also may bellow to communicate size to each other.”

Both male and female alligators bellow, according to the zoo. However, males can reach a lower frequency, which makes it look as if the water on their back dances.

“Bellowing can occur on and off for hours during the mating season,” the zoo said. “Typically it will only be a couple minutes at a time where they will bellow back and forth, sometimes swimming to different areas in the water, then they will stop for a while.”

Bellowing gives information about where other alligators are and also the size of others. This can be useful when it comes to females finding a male to mate with or for males to determine if they can take on another alligator.

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