MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Shark sightings on Miami Beach had morning swimmers on edge.

Drone video captured the sharks getting dangerously close to shore near Third Street on Friday.

City of Miami Fire Rescue Lt. Cian Debaldo shot the video with different angles to show just how close the sharks got to unsuspecting swimmers.

“I got a new board. There wasn’t much waves, but I just wanted to paddle a little bit,” Debaldo said.

He soon realized he wasn’t alone during his morning paddle, and ran to retrieve his drone.

“At first, I thought maybe it was a tarpon or something,” Debaldo said. “And it ended up being four — looked like blacktip — but they could’ve been some different species.”

One clip showed the sharks darting between swimmers and the shoreline in shallow waters.

“Most people were alerted. It was a small little area that I was flying in,” Debaldo said. “Pretty much everyone that was in the water kind of knew something was in the water, which was interesting.”

His two daughters were excited by the video their father captured.

“The video my dad got is super cool,” one of them said.

A wildlife expert said it’s hard to tell what type of shark it is based off the video, but they said this is part of a common migration seen this time of the year.

“Right before we got there, there were these guys that were surrounded by the bait fish, so the sharks were pretty active,” Debaldo said. “And that’s when everybody kind of realized it, ’cause the fins were coming up.”

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