Video footage shows Orlando Police pulling over Florida State Attorney

ORLANDO, FLA. (WSVN) - Recently-released video footage shows the moment police pulled over Florida’s first and only black elected state attorney.

According to CNN, State Attorney Aramis Ayala was pulled over on June 19 by Orlando Police.

The law enforcement agency released an officer’s body camera footage, which shows the encounter between Ayala and police.

In the video, which lasts about two-and-a-half minutes, Ayala hands police her ID. The officer asks Ayala what agency she’s with, upon which she identifies herself as the state attorney.

Police then tell Ayala that they pulled her over after they ran her license plate, and it didn’t bring up a result. The video then shows her asking why her tag was run, to which they responded that it is a common practice.

He then states that the tints on her car windows were also dark.

“Also, the windows are really dark. I don’t have a tint measure, but that’s another reason for the stop,” the officer said in the video.

Ayala is then seen smiling before asking the officers for their business cards. The officers then write down their information before letting Ayala go without issuing a citation.

According to CNN, both Ayala and Orlando police agree that the stop was lawful. However, she said she intends to follow up on it.

“To be clear, I violated no laws. The license plate, while confidential, was and remains properly registered. The tint was in no way a violation of Florida law,” she said.

Orlando Police also released a statement, which reads in part, “In regards to the video, which was released by the Orlando Police Department last month, the officers stated the tag did not come back as registered to any vehicle. As you can see in the video, the window tint was dark, and officers would not have been able to tell who, or how many people, were in the vehicle.”

Ayala also said her goal is to have a constructive and mutually-respectful relationship between law enforcement and the community.

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