FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - The prosecution in the case against a Weston surgeon unveiled new evidence in court, Wednesday.

Surveillance video prosecutors obtained during their investigation showed Dr. Augustine Bollo speaking to the baby sitter he is accused of sexually assaulting, as well as her mother, at a park.

In the video, dated May 30, 2012, he is heard saying, “I really won’t go into details, but the bottom line is, I am the adult, and I just wanted to apologize for the whole situation sincerely. You have nothing to worry about, as far as me, in the future or anything like that.”

The baby sitter then asked, “Are you ever going to do that again?”

“You’ll never be in that situation again, and it will never happen again,” replied Bollo.

The investigators were attempting to get an admission of guilt through an apology by the doctor.

According to officials, on April 25, 2012, Bollo was at his Weston home with his family’s teenage baby sitter while his children were in another room. At one moment, he allegedly forced her to touch him sexually around his genitals.

The alleged victim testified in court last week. While under oath, she said she tried to avoid touching Bollo’s penis. “He was grabbing it, and I was trying to, like, keep my hand stiff,” she said.

When the prosecutor asked her if she was able to keep her hand away from Bollo’s genitals, the teen replied, “No, he forced it around.”

Prosecutors said Bollo gave the baby sitter several hundred dollars to not tell anyone about the incident.

Bollo’s attorney said the girl had accidentally touched his client’s leg.

Prosecutors have since rested their case and turned it over to Bollo’s defense team, who are attempting to convince the jury that the 15-year-old baby sitter was the aggressor.

Bollo, a foot doctor, is expected to take the stand sometime on Thursday.

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