HIALEAH, FLA. (WSVN) - Allegations of illegal operations have been brought against a South Florida slaughterhouse, and the questionable practices and cruel crimes were exposed by an undercover operation carried out by an animal welfare organization.

Matadero Cabrera’s – Mary’s Ranch, at 16301 NW 122nd Ave. in Northwest Miami-Dade, is the only legal slaughterhouse in South Florida.

The year-long investigation was carried out by Animal Recovery Mission. Richard Couto, the organization’s founder, said if people want to see change, it’s up to them.

“Our goal here was to do the first real, live, undercover, unannounced audit of Ranch of Cabrera’s,” Couto said.

They first sent an undercover operative to the business in December 2019, and Couto said their investigation uncovered a number of violations.

“Boiling pigs alive, stabbing animals unstunned to death, beating animals, allowing customers to come in and torture and kill animals,” Couto said.

The operation had slowed due to the pandemic, but they have now released video and pictures of their findings.

An investigator who was hired to work at the slaughterhouse took video inside of the property in 2019, but most of the video is too graphic to be shown on TV. The undercover agent was fired after a few days on the job.

Although the pandemic prolonged the investigation, Couto said he had seen enough evidence.

“Some of the cows were stunned unsuccessfully by these customers over six to eight times before they were finally put to the ground by some of the owners and workers,” Couto said.

The group alleges that the business conducts prolonged torture of animals.

“Is a mere arrest going to change things for the public?” he said. “Is the closure of this place for an inspection, mere days I’m sure it would be, change things for the public? No, it won’t. The public needs to stop coming to the ranch of Cabrera’s and giving their money.”

Investigators with the organization said they have turned over their findings to local government officials, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and law enforcement agencies.

“Stop coming to Cabrera’s and giving your money to the slaughterhouse, and this slaughterhouse will close just like that,” Couto said. “That fast, and it will never open again.”

7News approached Cabrera’s for comment but were stopped by Florida Highway Patrol hired to help with security.

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