Uber driver goes from West Kendall to Key West to help woman evacuate

FLORIDA CITY, FLA. (WSVN) - - A woman living in Cutler Bay was ready to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irma when she realized her husband, a firefighter stationed in Key West, accidentally took her car keys.

Michelle Handel said she woke up early to travel with her fiance, who hitched a ride with a friend. “I got up at 4 a.m. with my fiance, because he’s a fireman,” said Handel. “He was hitching a ride with a friend to Mile Marker 1 and he loaded my car up with all my supplies — all my bottles of water and accidentally took my car keys with him.”

Handel added that the spare key was in the car with all of her important documents. “I was trying to get a Uber! I was trying for about 15 minutes, I gave up.”

The stranded South Floridian said she was ready to hail a taxi before a generous Uber driver decided to answer her prayers. “Thankfully Del Mar was there and said, ‘I’ll be right there in a half an hour. I’m really far away!'” said Handel. “I said I don’t care, this is an emergency. I need to go.”

“When I arrived here, she said, ‘Oh, my God, you’re an angel. Thank you so much for picking me up,'” said Del Mar Angulo. “I feel really happy because I love serving people. I love to give a service for people.”

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