Two Cuban migrants come ashore in Miami Beach

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Two Cuban migrants came ashore in Miami Beach, Thursday morning, near 41st Street and Collins Avenue, according to Miami Beach Police.

According to Miami Beach Police, around 10:30 a.m., they received reports of two men in their 30s who landed on Miami Beach via a small vessel. The two men then came running onto the beach, which was crowded with witnesses and spoke to two beachgoers.

“So we were sitting on the beach over here, and we saw this vessel come up. We thought it was a kayak,” said witness Nick Novak. “We saw it beyond the white buoys out there. We thought it was a kayak, and they were coming in.”

“Two guys just paddling away coming in,” said witness Tory Board. “Then, as soon as the waves started breaking, probably around where this seaweed is gathering up, is when they jumped ship, threw their oars over the boat and then came running up to us. They were kicking the sand asking, ‘Miami? Miami?’ and we said, ‘Miami,’ and they took off running.'”

Police said the men were in good health and spirits. Discovered in their boat were empty water bottles, towels and sandals.

Miami Beach Police then transported the men to the Miami Beach Police station. They have since been picked up by U.S. Border Control to be processed.


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