NORTH MIAMI, FLA. (WSVN) - A pair of friends got to work after they found a little duckling in danger and separated from its family.

Sarah Bugatti came home from work over the weekend to find her friend Troy McKalla over a fence in a North Miami canal, begging her to film the heroic rescue of a baby duckling. 

“I ran up to him and he said, ‘Sarah, film it, film it,'” said Bugatti.

Troy was right to get her to film, as she captures him bravely climbing under a wooden ledge to get to the helpless animal. 

He said he heard the duckling quacking for help and decided to jump into action. 

“After seeing her crowded up by the fence, I was like, ‘something is wrong.’ I immediately jumped the fence,” said McKalla. “Once I jumped the fence, I just tried to scale and make my way down to where the baby duck was.”

After finally grabbing the duckling, he was able to pass it up to Bugatti and got the duckling back to its mother.

She posted the rescue to TikTok, where it was an instant hit, collecting hundreds of thousands of views, but she was left confused by what happened next.

“What is weird is that after I posted the video to TikTok, TikTok banned my account,” said Bugatti.

Now, she is asking the public to help her get the account back to update everyone on how the ducklings are doing.

“So if everybody can, I don’t know, ask TikTok for my account to come back, I will be posting duck updates,” said Bugatti.

Bugatti said she still doesn’t know why TikTok removed her from the platform, but she said before her account was shut down, the rescue video garnered lots of comments praising what she and McKalla did.

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