Tropical disturbance causes persistent rain in South Florida

MIAMI (WSVN) - Areas in South Florida will suffer days of heavy downpours due to a tropical disturbance between the region and the Bahamas.

As a result, the Upper Keys are currently experiencing light to moderate rain fall while moderate to heavy rains hit Homestead.

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Parts of Miami have also been affected by the downpour.

A waterspout was spotted, Wednesday, at Turkey Point, and 7Skyforce hovered near a wall of rain along the 836 Dolphin Expressway.

Traffic along Northwest 36th Street has slowed due to the wet street.

In an effort to combat possible flooding, Miami Beach has installed diesel generators at pumping stations.

“It gets pretty bad. Last flood we had here brought in about half a foot of water into the store,” said Alex Martinez of TKS Miami, a water sports store in Miami Beach.

Employees placed sandbags in front of the shop in an effort to prevent possible flood damages. Martinez said the staff learned their lesson after previous harsh rains caused significant damage.

“It was literally flooded up to here,” he said, recalling the last bout of persistent rain. “It was insane, and my thoughts were, ‘What the heck is this city going to do about it?'”

“Hopefully these barriers are going to help. We can only hope for the best and stay prepared,” he said, gesturing to sand bangs lining the shop.

Vivian Chacon, a Miami Beach visitor, recalled having difficulty moving her car because of a recent flood in Brickell.

“I actually had my car basically stuck in the water. I had to have a police officer get in my car and move it out of the water because it wouldn’t start,” said Chacon.

An infrastructure improvement plan is in place for the beaches, but only 15 percent has been completed.

“We’re doing everything that we can to bring relief to the city that has historically had a flooding problem. Please be patient but also be prepared,” said a city official.

A $2.5 million pumping station is also being built in Brickell but is not yet finished.

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