Trapper saves Everglades gator from python’s grip

WEST BROWARD, FLA. (WSVN) - A man saved a 4-foot gator from a 10-foot python’s death grip — with his bare hands.

The python was constricting the gator in the Everglades west of Pembroke Pines on Friday, slowly suffocating it and hoping to make it its next meal.

Luckily for the gator, professional python hunter Mike Kimmel, who works for the South Florida Water Management District’s python program, saw what was happening and jumped into action, picking the snake up by its head.

It immediately dropped the gator who, moments before, was struggling to breathe with its snout open.

Once the gator scurried away, the python was secured and hauled away.

Kimmel told The Miami Herald this isn’t the first time he’s saved a gator from a python. Just last year, he rescued three.

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