MIAMI (WSVN) - A tourist who was left bloodied and bruised after clashing with police officers on Miami Beach has been found not guilty of battery on a law enforcement officer.

Edward Palad, 20, was accused of slapping a Miami Beach Police sergeant on the back, and body camera video was played in court.

When asked if he was nervous about the verdict, Palad responded, “No.”

“Two slaps, two slaps on Sgt. Gonzalez’s back caused by this defendant, Edward Palad,” said the prosecution.

Michael Grieco, Palad’s attorney, said there was no evidence or actual proof that the defendant committed the crimes in question. He said the case should be thrown out.

“You know what you don’t hear on the video? You don’t hear that. You know what else you don’t? You don’t see it,” said Grieco.

In March, Sgt. Joseph Gonzalez and other officers of the Ocean Drive squad were patrolling Ocean Drive near Ninth Street when, they said, Palad allegedly walked up and slapped Gonzalez on the back.

“Mr. Palad comes directly behind me and gives me two forceful blows, to the point that, it was so forceful, it was an open hand. I could feel his hand, to the point that it knocked the air out of me,” said Sgt. Joseph Gonzalez.

“Did you push anyone?” Grieco asked Palad on the stand.

Palad responded, “No.”

Police body cameras caught the encounter seconds after the alleged incident.

“He was trying to pull away. It seemed like he wanted to run away,” said an officer.

“They slammed him on a newspaper stand,” said Grieco. “They threw him on the ground. They smashed his face into the ground. Because what? ‘Cause he accidentally brushed up on an officer?”

When asked about the purpose of the strikes, an officer responded, “To get him to comply.”

The state argued that in the tape, Palad is heard admitting to the attack.

“So why do you say that?” Grieco asked Palad.

“That’s what they were accusing me of doing,” responded Palad.

The defense said there were no eye witnesses or video showing the alleged crime.

“Did you see him touch you?” Grieco asked Gonzalez on the stand.

“Since I don’t have eyes on the back of my head, I did not see him touch me,” Gonzalez responded.

“Besides you and other officers saying that my client’s hands were not behind his back, is it captured, in any way, that my client was actually resisting?” asked Grieco.

“I don’t know,” Gonzalez responded.

The jury delivered their verdict at around 8:30 p.m.

“The jury did their job,” said Grieco. “I’m proud of what they did.”

Palad was found guilty of resisting arrest without violence, however. The offense is a misdemeanor, and he will have to pay court costs.

If Palad had been convicted of battery on a police officer, he would have faced up to five years in prison.

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