Tips on staying safe during Irma aftermath from Miami-Dade County

MIAMI (WSVN) - Cleanup has started in Miami-Dade County in the wake of Hurricane Irma and officials have warned residents to exercise both caution and patience while debris is being cleared from the streets.

According to the county, residents should not drive through flooded areas, road barriers or through large puddles because of hidden debris that could disable vehicles.

Residents have been warned to avoid fallen electrical wiring and to not touch low-hanging wires of any kind, under any circumstances. Officials warned that while a wire could appear harmless, it could also be crossed with a deadly live wire.

Puddles should also be avoided because they could be in contact with fallen wires.

Though some residents may be tempted to cut overreaching trees and limbs, the county has warned against doing so if they are touching, or even near, power lines. Residents should also check that power lines are nearby when reinstalling a radio, TV or satellite antenna.

All residents have been told to keep lights and appliance switches turned off until power has been restored in their neighborhood to avoid power system overloads that could delay electrical service.

Regarding generator safety, the county has warned against the use of electrical generators inside homes are or enclosed structures because doing so could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

A generator should be grounded according to its instructions and should not be connected directly to a home’s wiring system.

Miami-Dade County Solid Waste Management has started clearing debris from major access roads leading to emergency health care facilities. Once the major roads are cleared, officials will begin to clear arterial roads and residential streets.

For information on Miami-Dade County emergency operations, click here.

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