Florida mom wears T-Rex costume to walk sons to school

WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. (WSVN) — It isn’t something you see every day.

But if you live in Winter Springs, Fla., a T-Rex walking with a child down the street is actually a normal sight. Under the costume is Leslie Eggenberger, a mother of two.

“I want them to be uniquely themselves and never question what they do because of what people think,” Leslie said. “I try to do things like that with them all the time, but I guess this one is more extreme and it got a lot of attention.”

Leslie became really popular when someone snapped and posted a video of her walking her son, Max, to school. “He was so surprised to see that so many people had watched the video. He started jumping up and down saying, ‘I’m famous, I’m famous,'” she said.

Leslie Eggenberger with her sons

Her sons enjoy the outfit and are often excited to see her wear the outfit when she picks them up from school.

“She brought a lot of attention, obviously,” said Max.

“It is really cool that she is doing it, and I think it’s great that she’s doing it,” said Jacob Eggenberger, Leslie’s son.

Jacob and Max’s friends also enjoy it.

“I hope a lot of people actually, maybe, show it to their kids and just do things like that with their kids, because this is also what our kids are going to remember, these silly memories that we make together,” said Leslie said.

Leslie remains the coolest mom at her sons’ school. She says she plans to keep wearing the T-Rex suit to bring smiles, not only to their faces, but also to everyone in the community.

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