Thief repeatedly steals T-shirts from Dania Beach convenience store

DANIA BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A Dania Beach convenience store owner said he has lost over $1,000 in T-shirts after a thief repeatedly came into his store and left with the clothing items stuffed into a bag.

Surveillance video captured the man walking into a Kwik Stop during the afternoon on April 9 wearing a white T-shirt, red shorts and a cap. He then grabs as many T-shirts as he can before he walks away, grabs more shirts and leaves without paying.

“Now, this row is empty, this row empty, empty, empty. All of it is empty,” the store owner said speaking on the condition of anonymity. “He entered and come and grab the T-shirt from here, put it in the bags. He comes a different day, different bags. He’s choosing the size, what size he needed.”

The crook returned hours later on April 9 on a bicycle wearing a bright red outfit.

The store’s camera captured him ducking down and filling up his bag once again, but this time, the store owner caught him in the act, so he gives one T-shirt back. He then gave back a few more T-shirts before he left on the bicycle.

“He grabbed like — every time he come — like 15, 20, 30,” the store owner said. “We can count it. He make a whole row make empty.”

The store owner added they sell each T-shirt packet for $7.

“I think he sell that, because he’s not able to wear that many T-shirts,” he said.

The crook returned just before 9 a.m. on April 22 wearing a dark sweat suit. Video shows him pulling a blue bag out of his pocket and stuffing it full of T-shirts.

He is caught again by the store clerk, who tells him something, so he throws the bag under the counter before words are exchanged between the two. The crook then turns away towards the door before he turns back towards the counter, grabbing the bag and taking off.

“We see him, and we tell him like, ‘Hey, what are you doing? What are you doing?’ And he’s not listening to us,” the store owner said.

The crook came in for the fourth time this month on April 24.

This time, the camera catches him putting a bottle in the door to hold it open, so he is not locked inside of the store. He then heads inside, grabs some T-shirts and leaves.

“And he don’t care anything,” the store owner said. “Like, he don’t care like he’s going to get the car, who’s going to catch him or something. He don’t look scared.”

The store owner said he has lost more than $1,000 due to the repeat crimes. He has filed several police reports, and he hopes someone will recognize the bandit and calls police.

“I’m not hurting only one day,” the store owner said. “He’s going to come over and over and over. This is the problem. They’re going to call the police.”

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