Thief caught on camera stealing flatbed trailer in Miami

MIAMI (WSVN) - Surveillance cameras captured the moment a thief stole a flatbed trailer from a body shop in Miami.

Victim Maria Comas said the theft took place at her family’s body shop off Northwest 38th Street and 25th Avenue, just before sunrise, on June 11.

“We’re just tired of people, bandits thinking that they can come to our neighborhood and just take things,” said Comas.

Cameras captured a man wearing a security shirt exiting a late model pickup truck outside the shop’s gate.

“He sees something that he likes,” said Comas, “and he just stops and says, ‘Hey, you know what? I’m going to take that.'”

The man could be seen in the video going back to his truck and getting some tools to break the gate’s chains before going in to get the 26-foot trailer.

“He has a bit of difficulty,” said Comas. “Those chains are very thick.”

The man is then seen in the video moving a dumpster and a few pallets out of the way before backing his truck into the shop’s yard.

The video showed the man had some difficulty lining up the trailer before taking off from the scene.

“He just took it. He knows what he was doing,” said Comas.

Comas said she just spoke to a detective on the shop’s case and that a man is reportedly in custody in connection to the theft.

“The trailer is not worth that much to him or to anybody else. It’s worth something to us,” said Comas, “but we’re tired. We’re tired in this neighborhood. We want action.”

7News has yet to confirm the arrest with police.

“As much as they want to hide and go ahead and take things from other people, there are people that care in the world,” said Comas, “and I know that there’s going to be somebody that’s going to help us get this resolved.”

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