‘They messed with the wrong house’: Florida homeowner shoots suspect during home invasion

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WSVN) — A Jacksonville man made sure he wasn’t going down without a fight after two men broke into his home.

According to Fox 30, the two armed men forced their way into the home and held a gun to the homeowner’s head. However, what the duo didn’t know was that the homeowner was armed himself.

“I shot him once, then I got my other gun and said ‘I got a big gun now,'” the homeowner said. “They messed with the wrong house.”

The two suspects fled the home by jumping out of the second story. The suspect who was shot was eventually helped by a good Samaritan.

“I was trying to tell him to stay still because of the shrapnel in him but he didn’t listen very well,” the good Samaritan told Fox 30.

The suspect was eventually taken to the hospital and taken into custody. The second suspect is still at large.

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